History & philosophy

Dave Johnston has been active in the construction industry since 1974. He became licensed in 1993 and with nearly 20 years of experience behind him, founded D.W, Johnston Construction in 1994. A full-service general contractor performing work for clients in the commercial, multi-family and custom residential, medical, and hospitality markets, D.W. Johnston has become the Coachella Valley's leading construction company offering the most diverse range of services.

Our philosophy is grounded in being service-oriented and striving for customer satisfaction. With each new client, we build a the right team of personnel for the project with individuals experienced in the client’s specific arena. Following the project from concept to completion, we become involved with the client and other key decision makers to ensure everything is taken care of, down to the last detail.

Our open client communication is essential to ensure client satisfaction.

We are proactive players. We work with architects, engineers, project managers, and owners to accomplish the project goals within the specified budget. We strive to work openly with all project members to ensure our clients' needs and desires are met. This high level of participation allows us to deliver an exemplary building with the fewest headaches possible. 

Always looking forward to ever-more diverse projects, our flexibility allows us to move into different venues and formats according to the building industry’s climate at any time. We are more than just a home builder. The diversity of building custom homes, multi-family housing, commercial and medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and renovating and restoring historical buildings is a welcomed challenge.

We take pride in our work, and it shows.

We have built a reputation for high standards. We are competitive in the construction marketplace, place priority on our clients’ needs, and excel in customer satisfaction.